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Quick Stop in Sisimiut; CTD Tribulations

DavisStrait09_Knorr_Sisimiut_11With all the mooring work done, the chief scientist, his research partner, the awesome mooring tech guy, and the local grad student left the ship in Sisimiut Harbor. The town is so small, it practically is the harbor, perched on the few mostly horizontal spaces on the edge of the steep, snow-covered rocky outcroppings. We were very fortunate that the winds died down and we had a beautiful, calm autumn morning with air temperatures around -4.2C (~24.5F). I seem to have acclimated to the weather, because I spent a lot of time running around on deck with my camera but without my jacket. Eh, it's okay, I did have my Icebreaker merino wool pullover -- after all, Sisimiut is north of the Arctic Circle.

DavisStrait09_Knorr_Sisimiut_9This little fishing boat anchored in the harbor caught everyone's eye, it was so picturesque. The folks with the D-SLR cameras and real lenses no doubt got much prettier versions, but at least you can see what I mean. With everything so calm, you really get the romantic sense of the fishing life up in the far cold reaches of the world.

DavisStrait09_Knorr_Sisimiut_8 The houses and residential buildings in Greenland tend to be painted in these dramatic, rich hues of blue, dark red, green and goldenrod yellow. But all the land is owned by the government and so are the buildings; you can't just buy a vacation cabin in Greenland for your summer holidays. It will be interesting to see what happens here as Greenland transitions to self-government.

DavisStrait09_Knorr_PackingTheCan1Remember when I talked about packing the container a few weeks before we were to get on the R/V Knorr in Nuuk? Now that the mooring work is done, it's time to pack almost everything back in it -- all that's left is some glider stuff that we kept out (just in case) and our own personal gear. We have one solid week of CTDs 24/7 to do, and now we're having problems with the salinity sensors and possibly one of the pumps on the CTD rosette. We will probably stop to fix them now... however long it will take... and then work like mad to make up the time lost. Hopefully this won't take too long.