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Day 4 feels like 40

DavisStrait09_C3MooringRecovery3Today was a good day for picking up moorings -- this is the last one picked up at the very end of the day, a sound source placed just out of sight of the mountainous coast of Baffin Island. It took about an hour and a half from contacting the mooring acoustically to pulling aboard the acoustic release at the bottom of the mooring.

We also deployed SG143, the same glider that gave us so much trouble during the North Atlantic Spring Bloom 2008 experiment in the Iceland Basin, but with much less instrumentation. Now (23:09 local time) we are doing the calibration cast -- running the CTD down to 1000m alongside the diving glider to find out just how good its temperature, salinity, and oxygen measurements are. It's snowing on us, the wind has picked up to 16 knots, and the air temperature is fairly warm, hovering around 0.4C (32.7F).

NuukGreenland_4Oct_7Tonight I tried a Danish snack that I got in a grocery store in Nuuk; Salted Licorice. You know those salted caramels you can get at every fancy gourmet chocolate shop in Seattle? Yeah, this is nothing like that -- the first taste is salty sweet, and then the licorice kicks in and I start making funny faces. Fortunately, the guy in charge of all the water sampling we've been doing (Oxygen isotopes, Total-Inorganic-Carbon/Total-Alkalinity, and nitrate/nitrite/phosphate nutrients), loves the stuff, so it's not going to waste.

The 19:00 - 7:00 12-hour nightwatch is definitely taking its toll on us. Meal times are 7:30, 11:30 and 17:00, very inconveniently when we're not up, unless we want to have breakfast for a very late dinner or dinner for an early breakfast. I bought nutrition bars from Costco for the trip, but I'm currently eating them at 2/day which means I'll run out before the trip is over. Hopefully for the second leg we can switch the CTD watches around so we can all have at least two meals, and all get to work at least some time during daylight hours.