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DavisStrait_C5MooringStation1 I slept through most of the second day of mooring work, except for the surprise fire drill at 10:30 that was actually a small fire in a crewmember's cabin. An upper deck got smoky, but then the fire alarm system got a malfunction in it somewhere, and short, hesitant smoke alarms went off at random hours throughout the day, guaranteeing that those of us on night watch got a miserable days' worth of sleep. Not that the daywatch had much fun either -- they had to spend most of the day "dragging" for a mooring that didn't feel like behaving well. The last mooring of the day, pictured above, popped up pretty quickly and was up on deck while there was still plenty of light.

DavisStrait_ML09CTDStation1 8-9 Oct 2009: Second night of CTD watch. The wind picked up this evening and we got some wave action going -- even had to break out the mops when we got splashed before the doors to the main lab were dogged (sealed tightly). It's nowhere near bad enough to stop CTDs, though, but I should mention that the hard hats and life jackets are the norm on this ship. By 01:30, the wind died down and we got some snow flurries, which after 3 days I'm beginning to believe is standard "balmy" weather here. When I'm on deck in that balmy weather to tend the CTD (pictured here), I'm wearing a base layer of smart wool under jeans, a smart-wool mid-layer, a t-shirt, a super-thick Icelandic sweater, orange foul-weather gear inherited from a previous grad student that is huge on me, an adult size small PFD t(I slip right out of anything bigger), and my trusty hard-hat on top of my smartwool toque. Yes, merino wool is my absolute favorite material when I know I'm going to get wet in the wind and cold.

Tomorrow should be the same as today. Eventually we'll run out of moorings, and when we do, we'll run CTDs 24/7 on a line from Disko Bay to the southwest. Maybe I'll switch to daywatch, so I can have breakfast and breakfasttime and dinner at dinnertime instead of vice-versa.

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